Host a Spring Fling Gift Giving Event

Here are a dozen ideas for you to have a great Spring Fling event, focused on Moms, Dads and Grads!

Mothers Day

  1. Set up your store with a Mom’s corner, Dad’s corner and Grad’s corner.
  2. Create signage with balloons and set up by each section to create visibility and excitement.
  3. Invite special guests that will boost the experience of your event.
    1. Invite a local florist to teach a demonstration on flower arrangements or the master gardener to answer questions on spring planting.
    2. Look into a local spa/beauty school and invite students to work your event, giving hand massages to customers. Everyone will love getting.
    3. Make sure the guests are located near your main sections so that it can focus traffic around your corners.
  4. Get the mood going by playing some fun, vibrant music that will have your customers dancing and humming while shopping.
  5. Have all employees wear hats that say “Team Mom, Team Dad or Team Grad” to get customers in the spirit.
  6. Give away Daffodils to all guests (place single stems in a bucket by the front door and cash wrap).
  7. Refreshments – cupcakes frosted in pink & green (or Daffodil Yellow) and pink lemonade.
  8. Discounts offered (Optional) – offer a 10% discount to any items that start with the letter M (Mom), D(Dad) or G(Grad).
  9. Offer free gift wrap with any Mom, Dad or Grad purchase.
  10. Sell raffle ticket where proceeds would be donated to a local charity (local food bank or humane society).
  11. Raffle winners could win a flower arrangement by your local florist or master gardener (help your guests drive business to their stores) and gift cards to your store (generates repeat customers).
  12. Don’t forget to invite the local newspaper and media to your event, especially when presenting the check to your local charity from the raffle proceeds.

Overall, create a party atmosphere that is different from every day. Give your customers an experience that they will never forget and just have fun!

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