Drive Customers to Your Store with an Easter Promotion

By Bob Negen, WhizBang! Training, 2/12/2008
HAVE AN EASTER PROMOTION – here are TWO great ideas.

#1 – This promotional idea is tried and true. It combines the fun and suspense of a lottery with the chocolate and spring pastels of Easter – a winning combination!

Get a large basket and fill it with green Easter grass and 100 of those plastic eggs that come apart in two pieces. In every plastic egg put a chocolate egg or other Easter confection and a slip of paper with a percentage off.

After your customer has finished shopping, let them pick an egg, eat the candy and get the discount they picked on their entire purchase.

Choose a variety of percentages off. For example, try 20, 10% off slips; 50, 20% off slips; 20, 30% off slips: 9, 50% off slips, and 1, 75% off slip. Make a sign to let your customers know the number of each percentage off slips. That way they can figure their odds of getting a really good discount!

If you don’t want to offer a discount to the general public but want to reward your very best customers, send them a postcard announcing your promotion. Have them trade in their postcard for an egg. Keep the postcards and you’ll know which customers have responded to your marketing efforts.

#2 – Get the kids involved and hold an “Easter Coloring Extravaganza”. Check the free report on our web site for a really cute bunny picture (complete with patriotic American flag egg!) and 12 great ways to make this a super easy, budget conscious and very successful promotion.


Bob Negen

Bob Negen

Bob Negen is a retail expert, author and public speaker whose knowledge, skill, and passion come from the trenches of small business.

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