Let’s Get to Know Easy, Tiger, Floor 9 and J.C. and Rollie!

OneCoast is honored to now be representing J.C. and Rollie, Floor 9, and Easy, Tiger, three strong lifestyle brands that represent a comprehensive home decor and gift portfolio for the independent specialty market. Together, the brands bring artisan quality, premium materials, and hand-crafted products that will provide independent retailers one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. With key categories like home accessories, serving and entertaining, stationery, kitchen, holiday, pet and men’s, this family of brands is one stop shop for home and gift. Read on to learn more about these unique brands:

Q: Tell us a little about your company, how long in business, how you got started, etc.

A: We’re a family of brands, each with their own personality. Together, our branded collections encourage discovery by offering a great range of new-to-market products with unique finishes, forms — and an almost embarrassing attention to detail.

Of our three brands, Easy, Tiger started off about five years ago, selling fun, sarcastic greeting cards out of refurbished vintage vending machines. They have since expanded to offer a ton of fun gifts and home décor. Soon thereafter, our group of passionate designers and merchants dreamed up Floor 9, establishing an artisan brand for the specialty market. And finally, our newest addition is J.C. and Rollie, a heritage brand of quality décor and gift products for today’s lifestyle which is debuting in Atlanta.  We couldn’t be happier to have these three brands all coming together as we head into 2019.


Q: What are your product offerings?  What’s unique about your products vs. other manufacturers?

A: Our brands offer unique home décor and gift products ranging from home accessories, entertaining, and kitchen — to stationery, pet and men’s, However, each has a unique perspective that’s perfect for today’s market.

At Easy, Tiger, we take vintage design, add a modern twist, and shake with sarcasm. We firmly believe our homes, and the things we surround ourselves with, are expressions of who we are (witty, clever, and obviously not full of ourselves at all). We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re passionate about vintage design, top-shelf materials, and expert craftsmanship. Like, to the point of being annoying.

For Floor 9 team, we believe life should be slightly eclectic, unexpected, and always well-made. We’re a brand built on artisan intuition, bringing worldly design and unique finishes to timeless, current forms. Every creation feels free-spirited and visionary because it comes from the mind of a maker.

Finally, J.C. and Rollie is inspired by a time when work was a craft and every detail was purposeful. We make products that are authentic, casual, and at the same time, beyond the ordinary. Our collection of home décor and gifts are heritage-inspired, but re-imagined for today’s lifestyle. We believe every home should feel uniquely gracious, always inviting, and confidently designed.

But most important is what these brands create together. Every product we make is individually designed and never off-the-shelf, with unique artwork, editorial, and on-market trend. And because we’re one big family, buyers can meet all their needs on a single order, with a selection of brands as unique as their customers.

Q: Where do you get your inspirations and trend direction from for new products?

A: For us, trend is an immersive experience.  We travel all over the world to identify emerging trends and find the most unique materials, finishes and forms. In addition, we are constantly watching and engaging in the world – monitoring market trends, studying social and economic behaviors and more.  However, the real magic comes when our team of skilled designers and merchants takes all of these trend touchpoints and interpret them to make brand-right, on-trend products right for our consumers.

As for inspiration? It’s all of the above… but happy hours don’t hurt either.


Q: What do you love most about attending the markets?  

A: Definitely the best part about attending the markets is interacting with customers and our sales partners. There’s no better way to take the pulse of the market than to talk with owners, vendors, and sales associates. We like to be on the front lines, to see how retailers and consumers interact with our brands, and how our products impact their businesses and their lives.


Q: Why do customers love your products?

A: Our products are unique, never off-the-shelf, and made for today’s market. We offer thoughtfully designed, trend-right product with high-quality materials and finishes – all at accessible price points. We strive to create tailor-made products to fit her life and offer solutions she just can’t find anywhere else.


Q: What does the future hold for J.C. and Rollie, Floor 9, and Easy, Tiger?  Maybe a small sneak peek into future product expansions, ideas, etc.

A:  As we look into the future, we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with OneCoast to expand the overall reach of our brands.  They are the perfect fit for linking our brands with the right customers. As for future product expansions, we are excited to debut our expanded holiday lines in March of 2018, as well as our new Q3/Q4 product introductions for summer shows. Be sure to check us out!

Spring-Summer 2018 Color Trends

By Madeline Merryman, Division Sales Manager of C.R. Gibson

As Spring/Summer 2018 is quickly approaching, a new wave of color and design trends are expected to hit the market. According to industry reports and CR Gibson’s findings, you are likely to see a range of designs including animals, florals, natural elements, modern lines, intricate patterns, and textile pieces trending this summer. Aviary Garden, Earth Tones, and Tropical are three of the many color & design trends popping up in the 2018 market, and you will be sure to catch these designs and patterns in the retail industry for Spring/Summer 2018.

Aviary Garden: A bit unconventional and a tad old-fashioned. Painterly feminine florals and watercolor backgrounds are the focus, while birds nesting in the branches, ornate butterflies, and beautiful insects play a supporting role. Delicate shades of pink and peach combine with some of the most vivid hues to create this romantic look. The Aviary Garden color trend includes soft toned pinks and corals with bolder accents of pinks, turquoise, and greens. Finishes include a mixture of shiny, matte, and aged golds. Embellishments include glitter, foil, transparent/semitransparent materials, and soft feminine fabrics and touches.


Earth Tones: A salute to the ultimate inspiration, this look draws on the majesty of mountains, earth forms, trees, woodland characters, feathers, and leaves to inspire its design. Wood and bark in all their forms are present, as well as a host of natural fibers like canvas, jute, and natural yarns. Discover nature’s palette in the warmest browns, earthy greens, and dashes of cinnamon and lusty ochre. The Earth Tones color trend includes earthy greens, tans, and rock tones with uncoated, textured, rich, and industrial finishes. Embellishments include canvas, cording, jute, and vines.


Tropical: A vibrant rhythm of calypso colors tango with tropical patterns in a dance as steamy as the rainforest itself. With a nod to the pulse of the jungle, sultry splashes of neon characterize visuals of lush foliage, while vivid birds, festive fruit, and flashy florals swing and sway to a tropical beat. Tropical colors include bold prints paired with solids or tonal prints, neon bright set against black backgrounds, and metal accents. Finishes include matte/gloss combinations and texture mixing, while embellishments include glitter, sequins, foil, pom-poms, and tassels.


2016 Print and Pattern Trends

Looking for the fall and winter 2016 prints and pattern trends? We’ve got ‘em! Here’s four trends that have got our attention for the upcoming season.


We have to admit…we’ve got a thing for plaid! From home decor to fashion accessories, this crisp, classic pattern is always on trend for chilly weather. No matter the color combination, plaid is the perfect staple for fall and winter!


8 Oak Lane – Red & White Woven Brushed Throw

Mud Pie – Hudson Plaid Ruana

C.R. Gibson – Decorative Gift Box Set


Stripes are making a statement this fall and winter! Whether they are thick, thin, vertical or horizontal; stripes are always a classic staple. Talk about variety! Stripes can range from a classic two-toned pattern or an array of bold hues to fit every personality and style.


All For Color – Navy Stripe Brooklyn Diagonal Zip Cardigan 

Studio M – Snowman Stripe Art Planter

Mud Pie – Coarlie Terry Dress


Florals aren’t just for spring anymore! Beautiful, bold bouquets are blooming their way into the color months ahead. Color trends like burgundy, cobalt, mustard, rust, emerald, and amethyst blossom for the season bringing florals from fresh to earthy.


Sloane Ranger – Vintage Floral Weekender

DEMDACO – Black & White Floral  Cutting Board Set

Mad Style – Heart of Flowers Color Me Cushion


This menswear-inspired textile is a traditional and trendy pattern that is here to stay! Houndstooth has taken on a fresh and feminine spin for the season. This simple pattern helps add a bunch to basic solid staples!


DEMDACO – Houndstooth City*Wrap

Mud Pie – Belle Bow Houndstooth Top

Mad Style – Houndstooth Leggings

The Jane Marie Summer Collection is HERE!

JM 1Jane Marie Summer Collection was created with you in mind! They have taken this season’s natural stone trend & added the Jane Marie touch. The products are focused on you, the independent retailer. The line has broadened its base so that there is something for anyone who walks into your store. With many color variations & textures, this collection can be layered & combined to make a bold or simply stand alone for a more minimal look. Some in- house favorites include the Large Pendant Wooden Necklaces, Wood Stone Toggle Bracelets, and the Delicate Carded Icon group.

JM 2Boho is in! The free spirited, natural, earthy look has made a big bang! Here at Jane Marie, they are listening! Wooden beads, leather, fringe, & natural stones are the answer. Match your style to summer’s hottest trend with a long tassel necklace layered with a short 5 stone natural piece. Make a lasting impression with the Boho Statement Collection using the big horns & semi-precious wrap necklaces. You will also love the combined wood & metals in the Wooden/Stone Cross Necklace Collection – with matching bracelets!

Jane Marie Druzy Collection has affordable prices & an easy look to layer with not only new JM 3products, but existing as well, the Druzy Collection is a great addition. Choose from trendsetting icons such as the quatrefoil or arrowhead & layer with one of the many long styles for a well put together look. In this collection they have also expanded the line with their first ring collection! You will be super excited about these rings that are perfect for summer!

The Delicate Carded Necklaces are also on the white-wash display. With bold prints & colors the carded necklaces are sure to draw attention to your counter spaces. Each necklace has its own icon or colored bead row & will make excellent gifts to dear friends, near or far! They are just the right size to be mailed off to your family & friends for special occasions or “just because”, don’t forget to keep one for yourself as well! They are a great addition to anyone’s everyday look.

JM 4