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Using visual merchandising to draw people into the store gives retailers a way to build brand recognition and increase sales. In-store displays can be used to guide customers intentionally throughout the store, increasing a customer’s exposure to merchandise, encouraging multiple sales and resulting in a memorable shopping experience.

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Holiday Display Inspiration with Mud Pie

By Chad Gieseke, Mud Pie

Meet Chad Gieseke, Director of Visual Merchandising at Mud Pie as he talks through some merchandising tips that will help you transition from season to season. Click now to view this great, engaging and informative video now that will inspire your holiday spirit.

Fun Ideas for Creating a Tailgate Display

By Marc Dudley, Director of Visual Merchandising

Originally posted 9/13/2010

stadiumHEY, SPORTS FANS!!!  It’s that time of year again when every town in the country is kicking the ball on opening day of Football Season.  It is also time for you, the retailer, to get in the Team Spirit and cash in with your own Tailgate party. Whatever you sell, from paper products to entertaining items, pillows to jewelry, you can create a fun and exciting look in your store for the season.

chalkboardIf acquiring the tail end of an old pickup truck is not possible, then build your own “bleachers” style display by using crates and pieces of wood.

Set the mood by using a large photo of a stadium, the one in your own town if possible. This will let your customer know that it is Football time and you are selling something for the Season. You don’t have to sell “team oriented” items for you to create a “Tailgate” party.  Many different items can fall into this category, such as canvas totes, platters, glassware, insulated bags, or throws to keep you warm on Friday nights at the game.

By painting the wall area with Chalk Board paint, available from your local Home Center, you can then write on the wall about specials or attract an eye-catching display.

displayAlways try to use PROPS in your display.  This will break up the merchandise that you are selling and help to enhance it.  Back to school props such as an old football helmet, a school megaphone or pom-poms help set the mood.  This in an easy attention-getter that will draw your customer to the display and make them want to see what is there.

Old Crates and soda boxes are good to use for props and risers. And for that Back to College look, use vintage suitcases to put your merchandise on. All of this is an easy and cost effective way to grab the attention of your customer for quick and impulsive buying in your store and also sets the tone for the Fall Season. By doing this, you are showing support for your local team, which is so important to many people during Football Season.

On Trend with Jane Marie

Blog post written by Dwaina Kerr; Jane Marie

jm 1

Jane Marie started as a charm company and has grown to a large line offering various styles that cater to all women and their own unique styles. We stay up to date on the current trends without straying from our vintage flair. Our designs this Fall continue with the latest trends using mixed metals and texture, natural stones, wooden beads, leather, fringe and tassels. You will see that Boho is still very much in trend and Jane Marie also continues to introduce jewelry in the hues coinciding with the Pantones® for the season.

jm 2

The Pantone® for the Fall is a color palette led by the Blue family (coming from the desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism). Along with earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors will appear which is different from the typical fall colors. Blues represent constancy, Grays give a feeling of stability, Red tones confidence and warmth, while the hot Pinkish Purples and Mustard Yellows a touch of the exotic.

jm 3


Jane Marie also offers displays for ease and convenience. This makes it fast for retailers to receive product and get it on the floor for retail. The displays along with SKUs allow for easy monitoring of sales for reorders.

jm 4

Costume jewelry is affordable, stylish, and a GREAT way to stay in trend without investing a lot.


Care for your jewelry will insure that it looks better and last longer!


One of the best tips is learning how to keep costume jewelry looking its best. Keep your jewelry clean. Do not expose jewelry to lotion, perfume, oil, water or any harsh chemicals. Be sure to always take off your jewelry before you apply lotion or perfume. Do not wear while bathing, swimming or expose it to any water.


Next give your costume jewelry a break. Most fashion jewelry isn’t meant to be worn daily. If you do wear daily, you might notice discoloration. Costume jewelry will also look better and last longer if worn occasionally.


How should you store your costume jewelry? The best way to prevent tarnishing, chipping, tangling and damage is by storing your costume jewelry in a soft pouch or individual plastic bag.


We know that we should not wear the same piece of costume jewelry daily, but also you should   take it off at the end of the day. You should consider costume jewelry like makeup, you never want to sleep with it on. Sleeping with your jewelry on is a way to damage it or even break it.


Costume jewelry should be cleaned after each time you wear it. It might be time consuming and a hassle, but it will make a difference in how long it lasts and the way it looks. There’s always the chance that you got soap, lotion, or just the oil from your skin on your jewelry, so don’t put it away before you wipe it down with a soft cloth.

jm 5

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