How to Merchandise in Small Spaces with Oilily

OILILY is known for color. Our collection includes many different prints and hues that can be challenging to mix and match, especially in small spaces. However, we all know how much a successful shop floor presentation can contribute to your sell-through. Let us give you a couple of quick pointers to help your shop floor presentation be the best it can be.


1655651_10152905006923879_9077460897544877215_oFind matching colors
When putting the final touches on your order or when you receive the OILILY merchandise in your store, find the missing color stories within the season. Our seasons usually contains a couple of color narratives that run through each and every subgroup. Pairing up matching colors and grouping them together allows you to create a little peace and quiet.

Separate Kids from Women’s Bags
Our kid’s and women’s bags are best presented separately. They are very different and each speaks to its own customer. Pairing them together on the same shelf creates confusion. It might be  better to place the kids bags with other children lines that you offer and keep the OILILY women’s bags together in the same area.

Change it up!
Especially in small spaces, you don’t want to put too much product on display. We have found that it is best to have just one sample on display and keep the rest in the back. Make sure the sample you have on display is fully stuffed and supported by a bag standard, the zippers are all fully closed and the shoulder strap is tucked away.

You might even consider changing it up if your order is large and diverse. Put a couple of items on display the first couple of weeks, rotate the product and put a second bunch of product on display after that. Your returning customer will be surprised by all of your brand new merchandise!



What about Travel?
Our Travel collection includes some bulky styles, especially our full size suitcases. They can be quite a presence in your store. You want your OILILY bags to stand out but we don’t want to scare the customer away. If you only have limited space available, it might be better to select a couple of items from your stock to peek interest. Make sure you have each colorway in sight. Once you have the customer’s interest, you can show them the rest. Maybe they would like that bag, but in a different color. Why not offer them a Toiletry Bag to go inside their brand new OILILY suitcase? If you cannot put everything on display, you have to be more creative and hands-on in your selling. Guide your customer through the collection and tell them what you have to offer.




We have included more merchandising and selling tips in our New Customer Leaflet. Be sure to check those out as well.

This article was written by Oilily for the OneCoast Blog.

Merchandising Corner with Jane Marie


Create interest and flare with lamp shades turned jewelry chandeliers.  Layer looks from Jane Marie on bodices and dress forms to create a unique look.  Customers love mixing the pre-made looks with customizable.

Jane Marie offers display boards free of charge with every pre-packaged assortment, which makes a statement in any retail space.  When creating your Jane Marie footprint it is best to group three or more assortments, creating a presence and maximizing brand awareness.  Encourage your customers to lead a charmed life and build on their Jane Marie collection with each season.  We introduce new assortments every quarter, be sure to keep something fresh and exciting coming at all times.  Even a small addition can freshen up your space, customers will often notice something they hadn’t before.






Boost charm sales by making sample necklaces and layering them with simple chains to demonstrate the endless possibilities charms offer.  Use small picture frames with corkboard to highlight something new or special, such as birthstones, sports, Christmas and more.  The frame will create interest and make those items “pop”.










Mix match and layer your Jane Marie bangles and bracelets.  Group several assortments together and encourage customers to embrace their style and build their collection of Jane Marie.  Pairing arrow charms and our stretch pearls, then layering bangles creates a unique and interesting mix of basic and fun, with a personal touch.










From semi-precious stones to inspirational, Jane Marie has something for everyone.  Ladies of all ages love the all new Agate and stone tassel necklaces, display them on a bold printed dress or with a simple sweater to create a look that fits your customer.






And remember, nothing sells Jane Marie like you, so layer your chains, charms and stones and wear your Jane Marie everywhere you go.  Lead a charmed life…

This article was written by Jane Marie for the OneCoast Blog.

‘Tis the Season for Studio M

Happy Independent Retailer Month! In celebration of all of our fabulous indie retail partners, Studio M would like to offer some merchandising ideas and a few tips on how to set yourself apart from big box stores!

This season, think about adding more unique outdoor winter and holiday themed products to the mix, rather than sticking to traditional décor offerings. Shoppers come to stores like yours to find something different, something they won’t find anywhere else – so give it to them!

One great way to catch shoppers’ attention is with a cohesive vignette that shows items designed by the same artist or that have a similar theme. Our Garden Collections are an easy way to make a coordinated statement. The items in each collection were designed to work together and to mix and match – which makes them super easy to merchandise! With a variety of unique products like Art Planters, bursting color and patterns, and Art Poles, with cheerful sentiments and beautiful artwork, these collections will set you apart.

As you might notice from our display photos, the products we offer at Studio M aren’t like ones you’d see in big box stores! You can be sure you’re offering customers something truly special and unique. Product alone isn’t the only way to set yourself apart as an independent retailer. Take it a step further and create a display that will inspire your customers to do something similar in their own homes. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic; even a simple display that is well done can “wow” shoppers and help boost sales!

Winter PaletteThe Winter Palette Collection, designed by Susan Winget, welcomes the beauty of the winter season with woodland creatures, cheery snowmen, and sweet sentiments. In our displays, we wanted to show off another way to use Art Planters by filling them with something other than plants and potting soil. Try fake cotton snow and an Art Pole, a few birch logs, a garden flag… get creative!

If you’re ever having trouble getting ideas for a display, pull elements from the theme of the products and make them come to life. For example, this collection’s artwork features a lot of natural elements, so we reflected those in our display. You can do the same using things like evergreen trees and pinecones, or incorporate chalk messaging to add a modern touch to this traditional style.

Magic of ChristmasThe name of this collection, Magic of Christmas, says it all. With images of Santa and his elves, and messaging like “Santa stop here” and “Dear Santa, I can explain,” this whimsical collection speaks to the kid in all of us. Cross-merchandising is easy with these items. The Yard DeSigns in this collection have a lot of fun messages, and they look great in any of the Art Planters. Show a few outside of your store to catch shoppers’ attention.

 Another great starting point for an interesting display is a good story. Find a group of coordinating products and get inspired by the imagery featured – like we did with our elf in the fireplace and Santa in the chimney. Try to create a scene that makes people stop and look more closely at the products on display. You could even carry the story or theme into an event, like an open house, where shoppers can come enjoy milk and cookies while they shop. The possibilities are endless!

Winter FrolicArtist Lynn Morris brings a fresh look to winter décor with her signature stripes and playful polka dots. With an adorable snowman as its star, this bright and cheery Winter Frolic collection is the perfect way to bring color and pattern into the winter season. Spell out a fun message with this collection’s monogram flags, or fill Art Planters with white Styrofoam balls to mirror the snowballs in the artwork.

Our final tip is to never underestimate the power of the right props. The perfect prop can make a good display great. It can make people stop, stare, and take a picture to share on Instagram. Most of the time the props we use are small or go unnoticed because they’re only there to help the product shine. But a big statement piece, like our snowman for example, will stop people in their tracks and make them notice products that they may not have otherwise seen. Always be on the lookout at flea markets, thrift shops, antique malls, etc. for great statement pieces – they’re worth it!

Shop Local




Enjoy the rest of this Independent Retailer Month, and fly a flag to remind shoppers that they can “shop local” all throughout the year! We hope our displays gave you some merchandising inspiration for the upcoming holiday season. If you’d like to find out more about Studio M, visit our website.





This article was written by Studio M for the OneCoast Blog.

Get in the Mix with All For Color

Print mixing has become more and more prevalent season after season. Our favorite fashionistas, bloggers, celebs, and interior designers have catapulted the trend into the standard way to dress, decorate, and display. For those of us who are still a bit leery about the trend we’re going to ease into it with some pairings that we hope will warm you up to it.





Exhibit A: Think of stripes as the new neutral. They pair well with almost any print and add just enough interest to an outfit. The thicker stripes on this skirt lend itself to be mixed with a busier print. Don’t be afraid to add in another print, as long as the colors are complimentary you’re good to go!










Exhibit B: More stripes – what can we say, they’re a great print to mix and match. Mix a skinny stripe with a two-toned print. Add in another dash of color with a bright accessory and you’ve got yourself a well-mixed ensemble.








Exhibit C: While this top is a stripe of sorts it’s a bit more textured than our previous striped options. Pair this fun stripe with a subtle tone on tone skinny pant. The subtle print will keep the top looking sophisticated and polished. Feeling daring? Add in one more print to make a real statement.





Now that you’ve gotten a lesson in mixing print have a hand at it for the fall season. Don’t limit it to your wardrobe, start mixing things up in your store displays too!

The article was written by All For Color for the OneCoast Blog.