Ask Us | Should I Decorate for the Holidays?

askus2lIt seems as if there is a holiday for every month. It starts with New Year’s Day on January 1 and ends with New Year’s Eve on December 31. Celebrating holidays is an exciting time for store owners and customers alike. But, should you be decorating for them? We asked our experts, our Regional Sales Managers, what they have seen work best!

Q: Should I decorate for the holidays? Or too much?

A: Vary below.

Susan Sacca, Regional Sales Manager, Mud Pie Sales Division

“You should absolutely decorate the store around gift giving seasons/holidays because this resonates with your customer. Today’s consumer is looking for a “shopping experience” and the decorations and store displays are key to creating a fun and positive shopping experience. The store window display bids the consumer to walk through the door and shop. Changing it our regularly tells the consumer the store has something they must come in to see. The floor displays contribute to this shopping experience, drawing the consumer to the feature product which is saying, ‘Buy me! Choose me!'”

David Nelson, Regional Sales Manager, Mud Pie Sales Division

David shared an excerpt from “A Shopkeeper’s Manual” by Mary Liz Curtin. Mary Liz is customer of OneCoast and an incredibly successful retailer in Michigan.

How often do I need to change my displays?”

As often as you can! Redo something in your store every week, even if it is only a small section or one category. The window should change at least monthly. Naturally, any time you sell the focal point in a display, it has to be re-merchandised. If you have a display that just didn’t work or is getting no attention, change it immediately.

Note: “A Shopkeepers Manual” is available for purchase at her store’s website.

Nora Chapman, Regional Sales Manager, Mud Pie Sales Division

“Yes, decorate if the room is available. If products are purchased that are able to be merchandised and coordinate with the rest of the store. The seasonal product should enhance the core lines and not distract. Door hangers that are complementary to the season are always a good way to decorate. A small table in the entrance way that creates a nod to the season; Easter, Halloween, Christmas. etc. The goal should be to add incremental dollars and not replace the store’s bread & butter.”


Regional Sales Managers:

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Adventures in Miniature Gardening Classes

mini garden 1Brown Dog Gardens is a unique, beautiful, and rustic gardening center located in Alpine, Texas. Last summer, they hosted two Fairy Garden classes. For families and young customers, Brown Dog Gardens offered one morning class just for this particular group. A second class was offered in the afternoon to adults only where they offered yummy Sangrias. From the photos below, you can see that Brown Dog Gardens set up long tables for customers to work from. This allowed for customer interaction between each other and their staff.

group 1

Here are some additional tips on hosting your own Fairy Garden Event:

  • Make sure your inventory is well-stocked and ready for sales with all the planters, accessories, soil, pebbles, and tools.
  • Invite local artists to be a part of your event and have them on hand to help your customers with creative ideas and direction.
  • Consider charging one fee that would include one planter, soil, and pebbles. Then sell the Studio M Fairy Garden accessories separately.
  • Request your customers to register for the class so that you can plan for space and seating accordingly.
  • Serve up small appetizers and beverages to your customers such as fresh fruit and vegetables, lemonade, and iced tea.
  • Take plenty of pictures and post them on your Facebook page.
  • Lastly, set up a “clean-up” station for your customers.

25 Great Event Ideas from Independent Creative Retailers

This article is re-posted on the OneCoast Blog with permissions from the author(s).

25 ArticleHow’s your In-store Events and Promotions Calendar looking these days?  You do have one, don’t you? You need to run one MAJOR and two to three MINOR in-store events and/or promotions each and every month of the year.

A well done in-store event does more than just sell product, it attracts customers because there’s something different and unique and fun going on at your store. Events generate so much more than short term excitement, they create a lasting impression, and – this is important – an emotional connection with customers. This connection alone gives customers a reason to return. Short on ideas? Here are 25 events from creative retailers you can use in your own store:

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