Serving up Great Wine Display Ideas

Wine 1Originally posted 3/12/2012; Updated 5/2/2016

The endless possibilities of CORKS. Alison Dodson of A. Dodson of Suffolk, VA posted this picture on the OneCoast Facebook wall (left side). They were able to create a wine wall just by asking our customers to collect their corks and bring them into their store. Roughly 5,000 corks later, they were able to cover an entire wall! Aren’t A. Dodson’s customers so kind for drinking all that wine just for us? What a great backdrop for displaying all their wine accessories.

wine 2Debbie Hardey of Local Vines & Gourmet in Cohasset, MA shares her display idea (right side). Here she showcases some of their wines along with gift baskets posing the thought to her customers to always think of wine as a great gift giving item.

At the Atlanta show in January 2012, Mud Pie was creative in displaying their new Bacchus Wine collection* using a striking burgundy red color with contrasting lime green colored wine bottles. This is a great way to make any display pop by just stray painting empty wine bottles and showcasing wine accessories like candle holders, bottle toppers or wine tags. And don’t just stop with one color. Try stray painting several bottles in a variety of shades for one eye-popping rainbow of colors.

wine 3Light up your store using recycled wine bottles. Here’s one we posted to the OneCoast Pinterest board showcasing a string of lights worked within the bottle itself. Suggestion….check the internet for instructions on doing this project yourself. You will need to drill into glass and you will need to use proper safety procedures when doing this project. But…wow what a stunning presentation! Also, use LED lights instead of standard string lights. LED lights will produce less heat and therefore the bottle will be cool to the touch.

Onto yet another great way to use all those corks! Create a beautiful centerpiece display with pillar candles surrounded by an abundance of used wine corks. By utilizing the corks, you create a rustic, yet elegant look. Not only would this look great in your store, but try it out at home too.


*Specific collection is no longer available. Click here for the updated Mud Pie wine collection.


For other wine inspired display ideas, check out our wine themed Pinterest board.

The Jane Marie Summer Collection is HERE!

JM 1Jane Marie Summer Collection was created with you in mind! They have taken this season’s natural stone trend & added the Jane Marie touch. The products are focused on you, the independent retailer. The line has broadened its base so that there is something for anyone who walks into your store. With many color variations & textures, this collection can be layered & combined to make a bold or simply stand alone for a more minimal look. Some in- house favorites include the Large Pendant Wooden Necklaces, Wood Stone Toggle Bracelets, and the Delicate Carded Icon group.

JM 2Boho is in! The free spirited, natural, earthy look has made a big bang! Here at Jane Marie, they are listening! Wooden beads, leather, fringe, & natural stones are the answer. Match your style to summer’s hottest trend with a long tassel necklace layered with a short 5 stone natural piece. Make a lasting impression with the Boho Statement Collection using the big horns & semi-precious wrap necklaces. You will also love the combined wood & metals in the Wooden/Stone Cross Necklace Collection – with matching bracelets!

Jane Marie Druzy Collection has affordable prices & an easy look to layer with not only new JM 3products, but existing as well, the Druzy Collection is a great addition. Choose from trendsetting icons such as the quatrefoil or arrowhead & layer with one of the many long styles for a well put together look. In this collection they have also expanded the line with their first ring collection! You will be super excited about these rings that are perfect for summer!

The Delicate Carded Necklaces are also on the white-wash display. With bold prints & colors the carded necklaces are sure to draw attention to your counter spaces. Each necklace has its own icon or colored bead row & will make excellent gifts to dear friends, near or far! They are just the right size to be mailed off to your family & friends for special occasions or “just because”, don’t forget to keep one for yourself as well! They are a great addition to anyone’s everyday look.

JM 4

Get the Look with Mad Style

Need a little inspiration this season? Mad Style has the fashion accessories to complete your total look. Check out these fab finds that are so on trend and so within budget.

The must-have handbags for the Spring and Summer season include the classic top handle bags, the stylish bucket bags and the chic clutch purse.


Scarves are a great trendy accessory that can set the tone for your entire look. Keep this season light and airy with pops of color and eye-catching patterns.


With cuffs, bangles, and wrap bracelets, this season’s arm candy accessory is about displaying your personality. Take the look as far and wide as you like.


Take your look to a whole new level with a fantastic headwear accessory piece. Hot this season is straw, brimmed, and bucket hats that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe.


Hair Accessories
Leave it to hair accessories to give that whole outfit some extra pizzazz and fun. With a variety of looks from bold to minimal, you can’t go wrong either way.

Hair Accessories

Adventures in Miniature Gardening Classes

mini garden 1Brown Dog Gardens is a unique, beautiful, and rustic gardening center located in Alpine, Texas. Last summer, they hosted two Fairy Garden classes. For families and young customers, Brown Dog Gardens offered one morning class just for this particular group. A second class was offered in the afternoon to adults only where they offered yummy Sangrias. From the photos below, you can see that Brown Dog Gardens set up long tables for customers to work from. This allowed for customer interaction between each other and their staff.

group 1

Here are some additional tips on hosting your own Fairy Garden Event:

  • Make sure your inventory is well-stocked and ready for sales with all the planters, accessories, soil, pebbles, and tools.
  • Invite local artists to be a part of your event and have them on hand to help your customers with creative ideas and direction.
  • Consider charging one fee that would include one planter, soil, and pebbles. Then sell the Studio M Fairy Garden accessories separately.
  • Request your customers to register for the class so that you can plan for space and seating accordingly.
  • Serve up small appetizers and beverages to your customers such as fresh fruit and vegetables, lemonade, and iced tea.
  • Take plenty of pictures and post them on your Facebook page.
  • Lastly, set up a “clean-up” station for your customers.

25 Great Event Ideas from Independent Creative Retailers

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25 ArticleHow’s your In-store Events and Promotions Calendar looking these days?  You do have one, don’t you? You need to run one MAJOR and two to three MINOR in-store events and/or promotions each and every month of the year.

A well done in-store event does more than just sell product, it attracts customers because there’s something different and unique and fun going on at your store. Events generate so much more than short term excitement, they create a lasting impression, and – this is important – an emotional connection with customers. This connection alone gives customers a reason to return. Short on ideas? Here are 25 events from creative retailers you can use in your own store:

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