7 Marketing Ideas to Make Your Mother’s Day Profitable

By Charles Gaudet; Predictable Profits

Growing up as a kid, my mother would say: “Everyday is Mother’s Day!”

And while that may be true (after all, motherhood is the hardest job of them all), Mother’s Day presents a tremendous opportunity to boost sales with creative marketing ideas.

Mom Bar NecklaceStrategic Entrepreneurs take advantage of these celebrations as a way to increase profits and provide value for their customers.

Spouses, children and grandparents will be spending money to help celebrate the positive contributions our mothers have made to society.

As Entrepreneurs, it’s our job to think of creative Mother’s Day marketing ideas to help make our customer’s buying decision a little easier … as well as make the day as special as possible for their moms.

#1 Mom Wine Glass

Just a little effort, sprinkled with creativity, could produce a windfall of profits for your business!

While restaurants, spas, salons, florists, and clothing retailers are usually the first to come to mind when looking to spend money on mom … strategic entrepreneurs in almost any industry can also use this holiday to create a spike in sales, regardless of the business.

With honed Mother’s Day marketing ideas, retail and service businesses alike can develop methods to stimulate sales.

Mother’s Day marketing ideas need to be interesting, unique, and give your customers a reason to pay attention while creating some exciting buying opportunities for your customer!

Here are a few creative Mother’s Day marketing ideas for small business owners:

  1.  What do you buy the mom that has it all?  Stores and websites can make this process easier for children, spouses, and others looking to buy something for that special lady by offering a gift guide or suggested selections for mothers based on their interests.
  2. Wow Mom 6" Art PotOffer a special combination of products or services just for moms, offered at a discount over each item purchased individually.
  3. Free gift-wrapping is always handy and welcome (especially for busy spouses with limited time to sneak away to wrap mom’s gift).
  4. Create an event for children to come inside your store and select items just for mom. Perhaps offer a special discount to children, or offer a special low-priced selection just to kids. This will bring spouses into your business that may also be looking for a gift.
  5. If you’re offering a service, consider creating a tangible gift that a spouse or child can wrap up to give to their mothers. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer, perhaps you can offer a free gift basket with the purchase of a boot camp.
  6. As the entrepreneur, if you know your customer or client is a mother, why not recognize them with a special gift, card, or invitation?
  7. Host a special event for mothers at your store. Make it a big event (and kid friendly) as to drive traffic and interest.

Remember, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, people love being entertained and love originality!

About Charles Gaudet

Charles Gaudet is founder and CEO of Predictable Profits, author of The Predictable Profits Playbook, speaker and diehard enthusiast for systematic, results-based marketing strategies.


A Time to Honor Moms

Pamper Mom Event
May 2011; updated March 2015

Wanderlust 20 oz. Mug-Mom A title just above QueenMother’s Day is May 10th (2015) – this is your chance to honor Mom and what better way to do this than to host a ‘Pamper Mom’ Event. And who deserves it more than all our Moms??? This time of year also presents us with opportunities to sell gifts for the upcoming special occasions- Grads, Dads, and Teacher Appreciation gifts are in big demand. 
BEST PRACTICES from the experts – Offer a special or promotion, to get the foot traffic in the door. Market your event heavily- GET THE WORD OUT! And last thing, Offer a rain date alternative for any specials or promotions- the whole world is BUSY and weekends are taken. HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE PARTY!


1.  Your merchandising and promotional opportunities do not stop with the all-important gifts for mom, most of us are gearing up for Casual Outdoor Entertaining.  This is the time of year that we start to take the party to the deck, the porch and really enjoy the warmer weather and longer days. Think outdoor fun!
Create enticing displays with all your acrylic party ware and serving pieces.  Don’t forget the matching paper party ware to go with it.  Pull table settings together and utilize all serving pieces and hostess product to ADD SALES TO THE DAY.  And remember, you can even catch Mom’s eye with some of these attractive entertaining looks.  

Painted Peace Love Mom 6" Art Pot2.  Make your party FUN!!!

Go all out- from the minute you walk in the door to the last impression at your cash wrap, let’s make sure it is evident to all who enter that there is something special happening here!  
  • Don’t forget to set the scene at the entrance – perhaps a favorite ‘Mom’ saying posted on the door?  Like, Mother knows best!  Have some fun and use the ones from your childhood that still make you cringe-
  • Don’t run with scissors
  • Your face is going to freeze that way
  • Do as I say, not as I do
  • I am doing this for your own good
  • Sticks and stones
  • You get the idea…post these pearls of wisdom throughout the store.  
    • Decorate around the theme- ask your customers for their favorite Mom sayings and post those as well. 
3.  Music: 
The music should reflect your theme. Here are some suggestions: 
  • Mama- Spice Girls
  • In my Daughter’s Eyes- Martina McBride
  • Superwoman- Alicia Keys
  • Stacy’s Mom- Fountains of Wayne
  • Wind Beneath My Wings- Bette Midler
  • The Rose- Bette Midler
  • Through the Years- Kenny Rogers
  • You are my Sunshine- Carly Simon
  • Blinded by the Light- Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
  • You can do Magic- America
4.  Drinks & Appetizers:
  • Anything nutritious – fruit skewers, yogurt parfaits, veggie trays
  • Anything Chocolate – M & M’s or truffles               
  • Lemonade, Frothy Pink Punch, Fruit Smoothies
  • Finger sandwiches or any finger food
Hint- Use the serving pieces, paper table ware and tools that you sell when serving your guests.
5.  Give Away ideas:
  • Have all customers register and answer a few questions, as well as supply their email address. 
  • Gear the questions to help you reward some moms that visit during the event.  Reward the oldest mom, youngest mom, mom with the most children, and most grandkids, with an additional discount or gift
  • Each shopping mom is presented or picks a single Daffodil, Daisy, Carnation or another flower that is plentiful and affordable- A flower will make Mom feel special.  House them in vases by the door for all who enter. 
  • Anything that is a pampering treat- chocolate, bath beads, sachets.  Check with your vendors and reps to see what can be provided to you for your event.
6.  Prize Drawings:  
  • A trip to a local spa or salon (coordinate with a local spa, in return for free advertising) – Think luxurious pampering!
  • Fresh flower bouquet from a local florist.
  • A makeover session with a salon. 
  • A relaxing session at a local spa. 
  • House cleaning service from a local cleaning service!!
  • Babysitting or dog walking service for someone lucky
  • Gift cards to your store for their next stop in– ALWAYS promote a repeat visit!
7.  Promotions
  • Promote gifts for every person on your list- students, grads, teachers, and all the women in your life. Group together products by interest, personal taste, and budget. 
  • Pull displays together by price point and by theme – this is the time to promote all things luxurious. The best bath products, the softest robe, or fluffiest powder puff, the fine leather wallet or journal. 
  • Offer free gift wrap AND delivery with a minimum purchase.  Think personalized, pampering service.
  • Reward this buyer with ‘Buy More, Save More’ deals.
  • Give a discount on multiple buys and complementary items- Buy two regular priced items, receive a third free (equal or less value)
Buy two, get one free accomplishes two goals – You move product and your customers benefit from the great buys.  You create a ‘customer for life’ with deals and legendary service.
8.  Something extra special: 
  • Do an hourly drawing with in store gift cards or services donated by local businesses- local spa, car wash, café, pet grooming.
  • Pay local college students to wrap or carry purchases to the car for patrons
  • Offer masseuse services in store- 15 minutes can go a long way in a neck rub, foot massage, etc.
  • Have food tastings and demonstrations during your event. Sell the food or treats, or the prep tools and serving pieces used.  
  • Offer valet parking, with the tips going toward a local cause or charity.  

Mom Bar Bracelet9.  Marketing- e-blasts, on your fb page, flyers, or paper invitations.
Start with social media- post your upcoming event on fb.  Ask about favorite Mom quotes and favorite memories.
  • Start with social media- post your upcoming event on fb.  Ask about favorite Mom quotes and favorite memories. 
  • Run a contest on fb to spark interest- let your fans vote on best memory, funniest quote
  • Ask your customers to post their favorite picture of themselves with their mom
  • Promote your event on fb- Use a promotion code that will help you track the results.
  • Create event flyers and insert them into every customer’s bag at purchase for two weeks minimum before the event.
  • Send an e-mail blast to your customer base inviting them to the event with a special offer for them and a friend (Great word of mouth advertising and you could double your traffic.) 
  • Ask guests to print the eblast and bring to the event or mention the invitation to be eligible for a special discount, treat, gift, etc.  This allows you to track the effectiveness of your emarketing.
  • Post your event on Community Bulletin Board and your local hot spots
    • Local Coffee Shops
    • Local Restaurants
    • Local food markets
    • Kid’s gyms & karate schools- anywhere the lady of the house is sure to see your advertisement. 
  • Invite the local media to your event 
  • Phone your BEST customers a week before the event and extend a personal invitation to these special buyers. 
10.  Partner up with a charity 
  • Any women’s or children’s charity 
  • Local food shelter- give a discount or gift to anyone that brings non-perishable food to donate at the event.
  • Connect with anything local that may be a focus in your community.  
  • HINT: Tying your event to a charity can give you great PR. Inform your local TV channels, newspapers, radio stations and invite them to your event.  
11.  Set your event apart:
  • Don’t forget the everyday gift giving needs that we all must buy for- birthdays, births, showers, and weddings. These occasions are ‘recession proof’. Be ready with your ‘silent sales person’ – the beautiful displays you put together.  
  • If your store gift wraps, be sure you are ready with gift appropriate wrapping paper for all the possibilities.  Think about offering free gift wrap on event day.  Or free with a minimum purchase.