Top Wedding Trends for 2015

With so many great bridal magazines, websites and blogs out there, we narrowed down our top wedding trends for 2015 and compile it here for your all in one place.  As we enter the peak months for weddings, now is the perfect time to talk weddings. Be sure and grab your brides attentions by offering top trending products in your store, perfect for all their gift giving needs.

The British are Coming

With the wide spread success of the TV show “Downton Abbey”, the British is definitely having an influence on the American wedding with hints of lace, afternoon tea and Victorian décor.


The Burlap Trend Continues

This hot trend is its way into the bridal industry with rustic trims on reception and shower décor to bridal gift giving.


Farm Stand Freshness

The farm-to-table trends are making their way into the bridal industry with rustic, home-grown feeling of mason jars to accents of burlap and tin.


Going Copper

For more glamorous weddings, copper is trending to be a good alternate vs. gold or silver.


Sparkling Wedding Ideas to Ring in Sales

Meet Jeff & Lisa Landry, owners of I Do Boutique in Cypress, Texas. The couple specializes in weddings, special occasions and event planning. They take great care in working with their customers on personalizing many of their products to make their events unique and special. Today, they share with us a few display ideas featuring wedding and bridal products.

First off, they feature the Mud Pie Personalized Mason jars.  These are great items to have as a gift for a show or for the entire bridal party.

 1 and 2

Next, they feature a decorated display highlighting great reception tabletop ideas.


Here are a few other display ideas featuring bridal gifts.


And more into the personalization, I Do Boutique sell the Mud Pie Burlap totes and offer to do the embroidery for the customers.  Here are perfect gifts for bridemaids.


More ideas to share…



New Vendor | Meet Crystal Media

Crystal Vilkaitis launched Crystal Media in August of 2012 after working for SnapRetail for several years. After meeting with retailers across the country giving seminars on social media, she found that many of them needed additional assistance with their social media marketing. Crystal Media works exclusively with independent retailers who need help marketing their stores on ever-changing social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Read on to learn more about Crystal and her passion behind her company.Crystal-Vilkaitis-1

Curious to what Crystal does to help out indie retailers and how her company got started? So were we! We had a chance to have a little Q&A with her!

Q: Tell us a little bit about Crystal Media. How did you get started?

CM: Crystal Media works exclusively with independent retailers who need help marketing their stores on ever-changing social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

I started Crystal Media in August of 2012 after working with SnapRetail for several years. Part of my job there was to travel to wholesale markets and teach retailers across the country how to use social media. But they needed a lot of help, more than I could provide in an hour seminar at market.

After meeting so many retailers who felt lost when it came to marketing and finding how much I love to teach and help them succeed, I launched Crystal Media and Social Edge two months later. Social Edge is a membership website where retailers can access on-demand social media training courses, at any time, from anywhere.

Q: How has 2015 been going so far?

CM: So far, 2015 has been an awesome year. In October of 2014, we started managing social media for retailers, because they are often too busy to really leverage these online tools. Plus, they don’t always know what works and they don’t want to learn it, but they know it’s important to their store.

In 2015, we’ve seen great successes for our management clients, grown Social Edge by more than 20% and I personally have spoke at more conferences and markets in 2015 than I did in all of 2014. I was the keynote speaker at a conference for jewelers in New Zealand in March. Talk about an incredible opportunity and experience!

Q: What do you love most about your products and services that you offer?

CM: I LOVE teaching and helping the retailer. Too often I hear, “This is a stupid question, but…,” and to me, there are no stupid questions, especially when it comes to social media marketing. These sites change daily and there are so many hidden tools and tricks that people don’t naturally know about, or can easily find. I love helping a retailer navigate these waters and receiving an email from them afterwards filled with enthusiasm, telling me about their success. To see independent retailers grow their business using social media, to help the heart beat of America, that to me is so incredibly rewarding.

Q: What do your customers love most about YOU and your business?

CM: I’ve heard from several retailers that I have a way of teaching social media that makes it very understandable and less intimidating. I also work hard at providing examples and content that relates to retailers, giving examples of how to market an in-store event, use an email to amplify a sale, how to run a Facebook Ad campaign to target people who love a certain product line they carry in store, etc. What retailers love about Crystal Media and Social Edge is the content, and for our management clients, we’ve heard from many of them that we become their voice, quickly. We work hard at representing our clients online in an authentic tone, targeting their perfect clients. I’ve also had retailers tell me, “You help me sleep at night!” because they don’t have to worry about their social media. We take care of it. If I can help a retailer get a couple more hours of sleep, then that counts for something. I know how busy retailers are J.

Q: What’s on the horizon for Crystal Media or something new you can tease us with?

CM: After seeing such great success with our management clients, we’re opening more spots for retailers to become a client, and growing our team. We’re also releasing a new service offering soon where we manage all of your online local listings and help you get found in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results from a desktop computer AND mobile device. Finally, in May Social Edge is becoming it’s own website. Currently it lives on, but we’re moving it because it’s grown into such a valuable resources that it requires it’s own brand and website. Exciting things are happening, and I’m so thankful for my team, our partners and of course, the incredible retailers I get to work with each day.

Q: What are the benefits to becoming a member of Social Edge?


  • Access to social media training courses in one location so you don’t have to spend time researching or going to several sites to try to find answers
  • Training content that is made for retailers, which provides case studies and success examples that Social Edge members can replicate for themselves.
  • Support! You can’t call Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook but you can contact me and finally get your questions answered. I can’t tell you how many times a Social Edge member has said, “You have no idea how long I’ve been trying to figure this out! Thank you so much for the help.” Social Edge members have access to a monthly, live Q&A session where they can read other retailers’ questions, and get answers to their own.
  • Updates on social media changes so you’re current, following best practices and abiding by rules and terms.
  • Access to a community of other like-minded retailers. We have a private Facebook group where members can share successes, challenges, new tools or websites they find, and of course they can ask questions.

Q: What ONE Idea would you like to share with other retailers?

CM: Just one?! It’s hard to pick just one but something I say often is the store owner, in my opinion, should not be the person updating their social media each day. I know how incredibly busy owners are and their time is valuable.

I recommend delegating the posting, picture taking, image and video creation, etc., to someone on staff, and the owner should oversee what they’re doing each month by asking for tracking reports, successes, challenges and focuses for the next month. The owner should tell this person what their goals are for social media marketing to help this person work towards something, be able to measure success, stay motivated and be held accountable.

Owners often want to do everything themselves but that’s not realistic if you want to be as successful as possible. They can still be involved and even post occasionally, but shouldn’t be the one managing all platforms, setting up Facebook ads, optimizing, posting and responding.


Screen-Shot-2014-11-23-at-9.27.20-AMCrystal Vilkaitis is the owner of Crystal Media; a company dedicated to helping retailers integrate proven social media, mobile and email marketing strategies into their businesses. Crystal started Social Edge, an online membership group exclusive to retailers looking to gain an edge over competition using social media, who need direct access to what’s important and relevant when it comes to marketing their store and products online. For more information and to receive free bi-weekly social media tips to your email inbox, visit or watch a sample course from Social Edge by clicking here.

Ring, Ring! It’s Wedding Season!

me pngThis is the perfect time of year to start hearing those wedding bells! With new life being sprung all over the place, it is only fitting that couples join together to start their new life together! *gush*

As a semi-newly wed myself (April 13th will be two years), I look back and think, “Shoot! What a great idea!”, on some of things I missed while planning. So you don’t make the same mistake, I listed some of the things I wish I would have added to my special day.

Here’s a list of my Top 5 Do-Over’s!

1. Custom Hashtag – How stinkin’ cute! Not only do you get to customize your wedding, you can customize your wedding photos! This cute, little feature allows you to basque in the glow a few days longer as you prowl social media searching the custom hasthtag you created. Here’s what I would have done something cute, witty and fitting to our day! #castawaycudicio2013 or something!


2. Wedding Theme – While weddings are typically cohesive, I really didn’t pick a theme. This helps while adding specials touches to your wedding. This can carry over into the favors, deserts, etc. I did have wedding colors but not so much a theme.


3. Signature Drinks – This is a great way to tie into your theme as well. You can create a his and her drink. Think “You’ll be my class of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey” type thing.



4. Props – Yes, this may sound a little crazy but it makes for great photos. If you have a photo booth, they company will usually bring something to play around with. Don’t have one? Make your own and leave them on the tables for guest to take pictures with during the day. (Psst, don’t forget to remind them to use your hashtag so you can see how silly…err, awesome they look!)


5. Registering Locally – I kick myself in the you know for this. There are so many great, local places that have unique, custom pieces that you could only find there. While big-box stores have a lot more selection, a local place can help you really find what you are looking for. They will be able to help more with a one on one service for you as well. Plus, who doesn’t like to support a local business!

So, there you have it, my Top 5 Do-Over’s. They aren’t too bad. What would you do-over?

Pinterest_Badge_RedLooking for some wedding inspiration? Check out our Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board for some great ideas to share!