Tips to Kick of 2017!

Are you looking for some ideas on maintaining or even generating foot traffic? Or maybe you just need a refresher on some advice that will keep your store growing and expanding. Then check out “10 Retail Experts Share Their #1 Tip for Marketing and Growing Your Store” by Humayun Khan of

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Tips to Take the Perfect Flat Lay Instagram like a Pro Blogger

With content being posted on Instagram every minute, daily bloggers, stores and social media lovers are in constant search of attractive ways to share their favorite products. Flat lays are have become a standard for product displays and the favorite way to share content for many bloggers. Anybody can take a lay down shot but only the pros know how to make it stand out! Here are some tips to help your Instagram gallery perfectly polished.


Flat lay tip #1: Have a flat lay theme. True, you have a bunch of random objects grouped together, but those objects should have a purpose, and they should tell a story. For example, your theme could be vacation packing, date night, or beauty bag goodies. Pick a theme then snap away!Flat lay Shot Tip 1

Flat lay tip #2: Create a posh Instagram feed and poised to perfection with a neutral background as a backdrop. Remember, your items should be the main focus in the photo so white sheets, rugs, countertops and the trending marble surfaces, make for great backdrops.

Flat lay Shot Tip 2

Flat lay tip #3: This is a simple tip, but effective all the same. When you are arranging your items in your flat lay, make sure to leave some space in-between each item. This way, the image you capture looks both organized and pretty.

Flat lay Shot Tip 3

What are some of your favorite lay down shot tips?

Happy Independent Retailer Month!  We hope this blog post helped you recognize the value of the outdoor décor category. If you’d like to find out more about All For Color, contact your OneCoast Territory Manager.

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Ask Us | Finding Images for Social Media

askus2lSocial media has been and is a place where businesses can create an online presence. You are able to create photo albums, run ads, invite customers to events and so much more! Sometimes to create an online presence, you need to curate and obtain the correct content. We had a customer “Ask Us” on where to find useable images from a particular vendor on to use on social media. Let’s see what Jessica Stevens-Car, Mud Pie’s Social Media Coordinator, had to say!

Q: How do I get images of Mud Pie [products] to post on my social media sites?

A: Social Media is the number one player in today’s fashion and gift industry. Social platforms continue to make headlines as being a key revenue generator for retail brands. I believe in diving head first into the social pool and taking on this so called “beast.”

Hi there! I’m Jessica, Social Media Coordinator for Mud Pie. I may be biased, but I believe that it is a huge disservice for brands to not have a voice on social media. It is a tool that goes beyond selling a product. It is a method to build your brand name, interact with your biggest fans, grow your reputation…I could go on, but I’ll hold my thoughts or I’d be talking for days. And the best part about it all? You can virtually do it all for FREE (besides advertising dollars, should you choose to).

I get it…social media can be intimidating. I want to take that fear away and replace it with LOTS of excitement for the future of your brand across social platforms.

To start, retailers have access to Mud Pie’s photos through our FTP site – Here is where you can find lifestyle images for download. You can fill out the form at this link to gain access to the FTP site.

Once you gain access, posting is easy. Simply save the Mud Pie image you wish to use on social and post to your handles. For any photo your repost, you must tag us @MudPieGift and use hashtag #MudPieGift.

I know, social media can be hard to grasp, but it is also a tool beneficial to your brand!

JessImageJessica is Mud Pie’s Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. Coming from a Public Relations and Advertising background, she has a unique knowledge in the field of communication. With experience in the food and music industry to the fashion and retail industry, she has a passion for connecting brands with their audience. In the meantime, you will find her PR mind still working as she coordinates happenings for friends and family.