Be Great Today

John Keiser, CEO of OneCoast, started our “Be Great Today” series. His first post sparked interest and excitement within our company! We will be asking other OneCoast team members what “Be Great Today” means to them and how they work that into their professional and (sometimes) personal life! Sharing her thoughts this month DPis Delmetris Peterkin, Customer Relations Representative.

Q: What does “be great today” mean to you?

DP: “Being great today” means for me to set goals for myself and to be focused to achieve them. No matter how big or small the task is, I must put my best foot forward to accomplish my goal. Even if I don’t achieve them daily knowing that I have put forth my best effort I would feel that I am great today!

Q: What can you do to “be great today”?

DP: I can be great today by putting forth my best effort in my work life (answering calls and helping customers by taking orders, resolving issues, helping coworkers and management as needed,etc), personal life (spending quality time with my spouse, children and grandchildren, parents,siblings, et), friends and people in general (helping out when needed by giving an open ear, opening doors,etc).

Q: How do you encourage others to do the same?

DP: I would encourage others to be ‘great today” by “leading by example” and hopefully my work would speak for me.

Q: What is your favorite motivational quote? How do you apply that your everyday routine/job?

DP: One of my favorite quotes is.: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”! I apply this quote everyday in my job. I stand up and believe in my job and by doing so I do not fall for any of the obstacles that may come to prevent me from “being great today”!

Meet Mary Jo Wilson, OneCoast Customer Care Specialist

MJWMeet Mary Jo Wilson, Customer Care Specialist for OneCoast out of Marietta, GA. Let’s get to know a little more about Mary Jo!

Q: How long have you been with OneCoast?

MJW: Going on six years!

Q:What is your favorite part about your job?

MJW: My customers!

Q: You’re on the road driving to your next appointment. What tunes are you listening to?

MJW: I’m a channel changer. It depends on my mood, sometimes rock sometimes classic.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

MJW: I love to travel, swim, bike, run and spend time with friends and family

Q: Finally, fill in the blank: Be ____ today!

MJW: Be happy today!

Vendor Spotlight | 8 Oak Lane/Shade Critters

Blog post written by OneCoast Territory Manager/8 Oak Lane Line Leader, Kerry Whippee 

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8 Oak Lane successfully launched in January 2016. As you may have seen in Giftware publications, they are a fabulous housewares brand that are bringing Millennial’s “pins” to life. And of course, when I say “pins” I’m referring to the ever so popular, Pinterest. The Millennial girl is on Pinterest (daily) trying to capture the essence of what the latest trends are – not only from head to toe, but also what sits on her bathroom sink and what platter she uses at her dining room table. The Millennial girl is price conscious, however, still remains a savvy, trend driven fashionista!
Fred and Maureen Schmidt, husband and wife and also co-owners of 8 Oak Lane have hit it out of the park since the launch in January. Maureen’s background started in her early days at the Limited Too. She has watched the Millennial girl grow up and understands what’s important to her ~ personalization, a focus on what’s new and trending, and affordability, just to name a few. Fred has been really successful in capturing the importance of a curated collection. In January there were five distinct collections for retailers to peruse. You were really given an easy option of creating a story within your store because they had already hand selected appropriate product to go together. The work was done for you! The collections can also cross-merchandise. Girlfriend gifting paired nicely with Holiday 1.0. It all works together seamlessly which is why 8 Oak Lane has seen so much success right out of the gate.

Trends for 4th Quarter are Holiday pastels. You will see pinks, teals, and of course gold. Gold is still very strong and not going anywhere. I wouldn’t even say Gold is a color trend; it’s a staple and should be in your store!! Other trends that you’ll see in the Holiday 2.0 collection are the continuation of Girlfriend gifting with fabulous makeup pouches. They were a HOT seller in January and remain a #1 requested item! Their bar story evokes a level of sophistication that is snazzy and chic, while also remaining gift worthy for every-day use.

Shade Critters_Lifestyle_326

I would be remiss to not highlight the darling swim and play-wear line also by Fred and Maureen Schmidt, Shade Critters. This sun-protective line of children’s wear is stylish and functional. Maureen was recently quoted describing Shade Critters by saying, “This mom is health conscious and knows the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. She has sun protection in her makeup and knows about aging issues that go along with sun damage and has a regimen and routine. Now, it’s all about passing along that knowledge to her little ones.” Along with their fabulous line of children’s wear they have created some great accessories including dry/wet bags, terry cloth towels, bucket hats and duffel bags to fit all of the kids’ toys and necessities for a fun day at the pool, park or lake! I have to add in here that I personally outfitted my almost 11 month old son in Shade Critters. Not only is it protecting his sweet baby skin, but I’m getting a lot of compliments while at the pool. The material has a great stretch and is heavy duty enough that it will hold its shape.

Between these two lines, the Schmidt’s have created products that are being desired. Whether it’s to host a fabulous dinner party with your girlfriends, to give your boss that perfect present this Holiday Season, or to rest easy while your little one climbs the jungle gym at the park this Summer, 8 Oak Lane and Shade Critters are top notch and are excelling as Top Brands among consumers. And just you wait… this Summer Show Season there is more to come. More excitement. More fabulousness. More of what you’ll come to expect – quality, innovation and style from 8 Oak Lane and Shade Critters.