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With a true flair for fashion and design, Elly Preston offers sophisticated, simple and meaningful jewelry collections at sensible pricing. Uncompromising in the intent and vision and bringing true artistry to jewelry that only looks expensive. Everything we offer was designed and inspired to be an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Our items also have the versatility to be worn for any occasion- whether you’re headed to the beach or to a wedding we have you covered. Jewelry that goes where you go- that’s Artistry For Your Lifestyle. Check out the Elly Preston collection now on!



On-trend fashion at its finest! For over 12 years Mad Style, a family owned business based in Chicago, has taken the fashion category to new heights in the gift industry. We are THE one stop shop for anything fashion that you’re looking for. With over 12 categories that range from apparel and scarves to handbags and accessories. We are also the industry leader in Men’s fashion and gifts, with our ever growing MAD MAN selection. We can help bring trends from the runways into any store at a great price point. From Basic “Functional” to Fashions “Must Haves” Mad Style delivers. Mad Style: Fashion | Life | Trend, words we live by. Check out the Mad Style collection now on!

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Kickin’ Up Dust in Dallas!

TEXASIf you haven’t heard, there are big (and messy) things going on in the OneCoast Dallas Showroom. If you walked past, you would hear hammers, drills, laughing and great designs going to work. OneCoast is ramping up the Dallas showroom for the summer shows!

We were able to snag David Brogna, OneCoast Showroom Manager, to pick his brain about what’s what in the new showroom!

This is what he had to say:

Q: Why did OneCoast decide to renovate the Dallas showroom?

DB: The building is so old and we have not done any major renovations in the Dallas showroom. It was time for a fresh look.

Q: What is the very first step you took in this renovation process?

DB: Design & Demo.

Q: What excites you about this reno?

DB: It feels like a new Showroom. I am most excited to for the Vendors and our customers to see the showroom. The only thing that is the same is the physical location of our showroom.

Q: Were there any unexpected challenges you faced during the reno process?

DB: Many…. But nothing that we could work around and overcome.

Q: On the flip side, were there any wonderful surprises?

DB: Yes. Because of the many obstacles that we ran into, we had to redesign certain spaces that turned out better than the original design. A great example is the front entrance and desk.

Q: What can we expect to see in later this month when you unveil the “new” showroom?

DB: The showroom seems to flow a lot better. We have drive aisles throughout the showroom so All the vendor are very accessible.

Q: Will vendor space be allocated differently (moved to a different part of the showroom)?

DB: YES!  Every vendor has move to a new space in the showroom.


What to check out in person? Stop by the Dallas Market Center #256 starting next Monday, June 22!


Vendor Spotlight | All For Color

Written by Shelia Coke, OneCoast Territory Manager/ All For Color & Sloane Ranger Line Leader


What makes our company different? The focus at All For Color is to live your life ‘IN COLOR’ with happy prints – happy products – and always a colorful array of ever inventive patterns and design.

We’re all about personalization – nearly every product in our line can be customized to add that personal touch to your customers!



3From a simple beginning as a storage and organization company, All For Color has evolved into an entire lifestyle brand in 2015. The line offers everything from bags and accessories to beach and resort items. They also range in a full selection of tennis and golf product. All For Color‘s newest addition is a full line of easy wear fashion apparel.  Just around the corner is back to school. All For Color offers a great “Back to School” collection including backpacks, lunch totes and pencil cases to send your little (or grown up) ones off in style!

From a retailer perspective, every store should have a ‘HAPPY VIBE’. This is where All For Color can help make your store your happy place. We can help you build a ‘store within a store’ opportunity. All For Color has a unique opportunity to help your customers in more than one aspect of their shopping experience. We are able to fulfill every purchase need from small to large and simple to spectacular.


Need a new paddle brush and set of cosmetic cases? – CHECK

Need a new cooler tote bag and square duffle for travel? – CHECK

Need a new golf bag or tennis backpack? – CHECK

Need a new pool chair cover or umbrella? – CHECK

Need a new outfit for a day on the town? – CHECK